The Davis Cemetery welcomes veterans. Graveside services of any length with full military honors may be held here.

Plots in special veteran areas are made available for no cost on an “at need” basis to qualified veterans upon verification by the Veterans Service Office (120 W. Main St. Suite “A”, Woodland) ph.406-4850. Please note: veteran plots are “at need” only. There is no “reserving” of plots for future use.

Interment for the veteran’s spouse into the SAME plot is permitted.

Decedent family/friends are responsible for payment of opening/closing fees, purchase of vault for casket burials, fees for spouse’s interment, and setting fees for military markers.

Veteran markers are provided at no cost through the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. In veteran areas, only flush military markers no larger than 12″ X 24″ are permitted. Veteran cremation plots are restricted to a single military marker of granite on which spouse may also be listed.** Marker settings with 2″ concrete borders will be permitted on casket plots only. A second flush 12″ X 24″ marker for spouse is permitted on casket plots only. All fees associated with second marker must be paid by family and/or friends.

Veterans buried in areas other than veteran areas may have upright military markers.

**Veteran cremains shall be placed in the left half of the plot, spouse’s cremains in the right half, as marker is read.