The Davis Cemetery District and Arboretum has received Level II arboretum accreditation by the prestigious Morton Register of Arboreta located in Illinois! You can find out more about the Morton Register at

In 2012, the Davis Cemetery District became a level II accredited arboretum with the Morton Register of Arboreta. The Morton Register provides guidelines and standards for becoming an arboretum. Level II accreditation means the Davis Cemetery District and Arboretum contains over 100 tree and woody plant species, has a specific employee to manage the arboretum and has a program for public education about the arboretum. The cemetery also has the last natural hill and swale in the city. A swale is a low area of land where water from rain and irrigation collects and seeps through the soil to recharge the groundwater. In 2007-2009, community volunteers helped complete a re-vegetation project to plant 42,000 grass and sedge plugs in the swale. These grasses and sedges are native species that help filter pollutants out of the water. Additionally, there are several gardens in the cemetery for visitors to enjoy. The Scent Garden contains lots of fragrant plants and the bulb garden has many kinds of flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year. Aside from viewing plants, you can also use the labyrinth for a quiet, meditative walk or listen to the soothing Veterans Memorial Fountain.