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Memorial Tree or Benches

  • Plant-A-Tree: A new tree will be planted at Davis Cemetery District and Arboretum in memory of your loved one. Staff will assist you with tree and site selection.
    • Trees that flourish in our area include the Flame Maple, California Buckeye, Western Redbud, Purple Smoke, California Flannel Bush, Ginko Autumn Gold, Crepe Myrtle, and Chinese Pistache.
  • Adopt-A-Tree: You can memorialize a loved one with by adopting an established tree on our beautiful grounds. A name dedication will be placed on the tree.
  • Bench Donation:  A memorial bench is a wonderful way to memorize your loved one while enhancing the grounds for visitors for many decades to come. The staff will assist and support with the location and placement of the bench.

Coming Soon

The Davis Cemetery District is pleased to announce that we are in the process of designing a memorial rose garden which will be located near the memorial fountain, just east of P section. More information about this project will be posted soon.


The Davis Cemetery & Arboretum is always in need of continuous care and restoration.  Tax ID# 472353081 Donations are always appreciated. Please make checks payable to Davis Cemetery District and mail to:

Davis Cemetery & Arboretum

820 Pole Line Road

Davis, Ca 95618

For more information e-mail the Davis Cemetery & Arboretum or call (530) 756-7807.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to restoring the gardens or assist at the numerous cultural and educational events please email Jess Potts at