Davis Cemetery Staff


Joseph Cattarin, Superintendent:  Joe has been with the District since 1981. He oversees all.  Email: cemetery@dcn.org 

Christi Postlethwaite, Office Manager:  Christi oversees Financial records and the direction of communications through the Office. She is well versed in assisting you with any  questions about the District, and burial rights sales and arrangements. cemoffmgr@dcn.org

Kristi Dvorak, Community Outreach Director: Kristi oversees out reach events, marketing, arboretum planning, Gallery 1855 curating, and volunteer opportunities. Kristi can assist you  with plot sales and arrangements. cemcod@dcn.org

Matt Reis, Grounds Foreman:  Matt oversees maintenance of the ground and facility infrastructure. Matt is most familiar with observances of the any individuals memorial area, and is a good resource for answering questions about the grounds. grounds@dcn.o

Ken Troth, Grounds II: Ken oversees general equipment maintenance.

Dylan Weiss  Grounds I: Dylan assists with maintenance of the ground and facility infrastructure.

Additional grounds staff are identifiable by their blue uniforms; any of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

To make an appointment to speak to a staff member please call at 530-756-7807.