Gallery 1855

Gallery 1855 is a highly respected gallery featuring a number of internationally recognized artists each year.  Located on the historic grounds of the Davis Cemetery District it was named Gallery 1855, in honor of the  first recorded interment.

The gallery is open weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM, and the public is always warmly invited to meet the artists on the second Sunday afternoon of every month between 1 PM and 4 PM. Along with the art and the stimulating conversation, light refreshments.


Sue Sholey “Sea Ranch Pool”

March 2017 

Susan Scholey and Mark Howell

“Not So Far Away”

Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce a special exhibition with photographers Susan Scholey and Mark Howell. The exhibition will run throughout the month of March. The opening reception will be held March 11th from 1-4:00 pm.

This exhibit features recent landscape and nature photographs by local artists Susan Scholey and Mark Howell. Almost all of the images are from California; hence the title, Not So Far Away. In addition, the title refers to Sue’s and Mark’s shared belief that the pleasures of art are always close at hand, an integral part of our humanity. The prints in this exhibit represent a persistent quest to go beyond the basic descriptive/documentary aspect of photography to produce pictures evocative of the profound influence of the natural world on the human psyche.

Sue Scholey is a physician who has lived in Davis since 1989. Over the past decade, her long-time interest in photography has evolved into a passion, abetted by workshops with Michael Frye, Charles Cramer, and Stephen Johnson, and by her friends and fellow members of Viewpoint Photographic Art Center. She has participated in many group exhibits, but this is her first exhibit of a larger body of work.

Mark Howell has been making photographs with serious intent for over 25 years. After many years making black-and-white darkroom prints, he has spent the last few years exploring the greater freedom of digital photography. This is his first exhibit of digitally-produced landscapes. Also an ardent Viewpoint member, he lives in a West Sac condo dominated by two cats and lots of other people’s photographs.

Mark Howell
“Oaks UC Davis Arboretum”


April 2017

Stasia Tikkanen

 Landscapes with a Gist


Plein air and Studio Works, Northern California Series
Established painter Stasia Tikkanen is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico
and moved to Davis 16 years ago. With a BFA in Fine Art Studio from the University
of New Mexico, Stasia has worked as a professional studio artist, decorative painter
and in galleries for a total of 20 years. In 2013, she became a full time studio and
Plein air artist.
“While painting in studio or outdoors in the tradition of Plein air, I seek a general
notion or idea in each environment I explore and try to capture it in my work. While
painting, I ask myself, what does this scene make me think or feel? What is the gist
of this scene? Be it a mood, a metaphor, symbolism or just an internal musing on my
part, I find revealing it through landscape captures a reflection of human nature. “
The idea of conceptualizing landscapes got the attention of several patrons
interested in specific themes. In 2014-2015, Stasia was privately commissioned to
paint a landscape series featuring the high deserts and mountains of New Mexico
and Arizona. This series reflects the culture of the area through color and subject
while portraying the unique lighting of the high desert mountains and land features.
In 2016, Juanita Bucot published one of these paintings “The Sandias” as a book
cover of her fiction novel “Spirit Gone Wild”, a journey through the southwest in the
1960’s. Simultaneously, in 2016 the artist focus extended further into the outdoors
and scenes of Northern California.
After exhibiting in the 2017 Davis Art Studio Tour sponsored by the Davis Art
Center, Stasia Tikkanen continued her Northern California focus with an instudio
series titled “Night and Day – A study of perception related to light’. Here she
explored subjectively chosen scenes in Davis both in daylight and nighttime to
portray how the time of day influences perception.


May 2018

May 6, 2018 Artist Reception

Naomi Bautista


June 2018

Reception June 10, 2018

Patricia Pendergast

The Serenity of the Northern California Landscape

Since retiring from a career as a computer programmer, Patricia has been able to indulge her love of nature and art. She chose pastels for the immediacy of the color on her finger tips. Although most of her work is done in the studio she enjoys painting out in nature to hone her ability to see the light and the colors. In fact, she feels the greatest benefit she derives from painting is how it changes how she sees the world when she isn’t painting. Everything is more vivid – the beauty of light and shadow in the trees, the subtlety of the color of clouds, the sparkle and reflections in water.

Patricia often begins her paintings with a watercolor underpainting and applies pastel over that, leaving some of the watercolor to show through. She lets the painting process determine how the scene will unfold. Her paintings are more an evocation of an emotional response to the transcendence found through nature than a rendering of a specific place.

Patricia is a signature member of the Sierra Pastel Society and is currently represented by the Pacific Bay Gallery in Bodega Bay and CK Art in Midtown Sacramento.

You are invited to view more of her art and contact her through her website:



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July 8, 2018 Artist Reception

September 2018

September 9, 2018 Artist Reception

Photographs of Charles V. McDonald

October 2018

October 14, 2018 Artist Reception

Michael Radin and Michael Stone

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Artist Reception: November 11, 2018 1-4:00pm

December 2018

Artist Reception December 9, 2018

Bird Paintings of Nelson Loskamp


September 2019

Joseph Finkleman




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