List of Local Resources and Providers

Local Florists

Dixon Florist and Gift Shop 150 East A Street
Dixon, CA
Mengali’s Florist 2 Main Street
Woodland, CA
Strelitzia Flower Company 4614 Second Street
Davis, CA

Mortuary and Funeral Chapels

Affordable Cremations and Burial Center of Sacramento 8366 Rovana Circle
Sacramento, CA
(916) 455-5486
River Cities Funeral Chapel 910 Soule Street
West Sacramento, CA
(916) 371-4535
Smith Funeral Chapel 116 “D” Street
Davis, CA
(530) 758-5500
Woodland Funeral Chapel Woodland Funeral Chapel
305 Cottonwood
Woodland, CA
(530) 666-4200

Monument Companies (Headstones/Repair/Cleaning)

Bryan-Braker Monuments 615 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA
(707) 425-4697 or (707) 448-4900
Cache Creek Monuments 339 County Road 98
Woodland, CA
(530) 662-4450
Diamond Memorials Inc. Butte House Rd.
Sutter, CA
(530) 755-4948 or (916) 645-3241
Pugh Memorials 231 West Main Street
Woodland, CA
(530) 662-1251
Ruhkala Monument Company 1001 Broadway
Sacramento, CA
(916) 441-2846
Sharer Monument Co. 4946 Watt Ave. #18
Sacramento, CA
(916) 925-4194
Weber’s Personalized Memorials 340 Industrial Way, Suite R
Dixon, CA
(707) 693-0660
Hugs for Headstones Rachael Holderby(916) 709-0311

Other Services

Yolo Hospice 1909 Galileo Court, St. A
Davis, CA
(530) 758-5566
Yolo County Clerk/Recorders Office Vital Records
625 Court Street, Room B01, Woodland, CA
(530) 666-8680
Yolo County Veterans Service Office Woodland, CA
(530) 406-4850 or (916) 375-6200 Ext. 4850

Environmentally Friendly Caskets


Blue Pine Coffins-  Longtime Davis resident, Dean Newberry began researching how to make all wood “green” coffins in early 2020 and has begun manufacturing his own design to share with the community.  Blue Pine Coffins meet Jewish and green burial requirements and are environmentally friendly and affordable.  Dean was able to find lumber from trees that have died from drought and pine bark beetle infestation, which were being cleared by PG&E to protect power lines.  The wood he is using to make the coffins do not kill any live trees and helps prevent electrical fires.  Wood pegs are used to assemble the coffins, eliminating any use of metal. Dean is selling simple and attractive coffins to environmentally conscious people and those who would like a Jewish burial.

Contact Information:

530-270-3029 / /