Burial Options

In-Ground Casket Interment Options:

  • Fully Sealed Titan Vaults
  • Single Depth Standard Burial Vaults
  • Double (Companion) Depth Standard Burial Vaults
  • Green Burial (no vault)

In-Ground Casket Interment Details :

In-Ground Cremation Interment Options: 

  • Single flush cremation plot (1 urn)
  • Double flush cremation plots (2 urns)
  • Casket plots (up to 4 urns) which can accommodate raised headstones

Above-Ground Cremation Interment Option:

  • Niche interments: A cremation niche is an above ground burial space, where a decedent’s urn, containing their cremated remains, is placed inside and sealed. Many people are choosing above ground burial in a cremation niche as it affords comfort in all seasons, especially in inclement weather. It includes a memorial plaque with eight lines of inscription not to exceed 16 characters per line. Our cremation niche banks can hold up to two urns each. Please inquire about urn size limitations.

Scattering Garden:

  • Scattering garden: Loved ones remains are scattered among our beautiful botanical gardens located near and around our niche wall and Veterans Memorial fountain. Price includes an inscribed memorial brick.

Veterans Burial:

  • Information regarding Veterans burials can be found here.