Burial Options

In-Ground Casket Interment Options

Standard Vaulted Burial: A standard burial is typically chosen when the family embalms the body and seeks casket protection from the weight of the earth. A cement vault is placed in the ground and once the casket is lowered a lid is placed over the vault before earth is added.

Hybrid Green Burial: A green burial is a way of caring for loved ones with minimal environmental impact. Green burials emphasize simplicity and sustainability. The body is not embalmed nor is it cremated. It is simply placed in a biodegradable casket or shroud and interred without a cement vault.

Titan Vaulted Burial: A titan burial utilizes a fully sealed vault. The casket is lowered into the vault and once in place, the titan lid is placed and secured with silicone. This provides ultimate protection from air and water.

In-Ground Cremation Interment Options: 

Single Cremation Plot: Single cremation plots are located in our cremation only section and are limited to an 8″ x 16″ flat marker.

Double Cremation Plot: Double cremation plots are located in our cremation only section, are limited to an 12″ x 24″ flat marker, and can hold up to two sets of cremains. July 1, 2024, we opened the cremation garden which offers double cremation plots with the option for a raised marker ranging from a pillow top to a 3′ upright.

Double Cremation Niche: Double cremation niches are located in the cremation garden, can hold up to two urns, and offers a faceplate for engraving.

Casket Plot: Casket plots are a great option for those looking to inter more than two sets of cremains. Casket plots can hold up to four sets of cremains and are located throughout the cemetery. Most casket plots can accommodate a raised marker up to 3′ in height.

Above-Ground Cremation Interment Option:

Niche interments: A cremation niche is an above ground burial space where an urn is placed inside and sealed. We currently offer niche interments at our memorial fountain and at the entrance to our rose garden. Each niche space can hold up to two urns and offers a faceplate for engraving.

Scattering Garden:

Scattering garden: Cremains can be scattered throughout the unplotted areas in the cemetery. An inscribed memorial brick in placed in the rose garden patio.