Gallery 1855: Simon Dvorak Solo Exhibition “Nodes”

Exhibition December 1-December 30th 1-4:00pm

December 11th 1-4:00pm

Gallery 1855 is happy to show the latest work by multi-media artist Simon Dvorak. Simon Dvorak has shown his work in multiple mediums throughout the United States. His latest work is an exploration of networks. Nodes, connected and disconnected, forming a greater whole, exist as independent and yet dependent objects. Connected and energy can be transfered. Disconnected and the node exists independently. Electrical circuits, computer networks, your ‘Related Items’ have all manifested as a result of this paradigm.

“Through the vibrant medium of oil paint I have tried to visualize these concepts in diverse formats and styles. In a time of social networks aided by technology, examining the power and beauty of networks becomes imperative so that we may better understand their nature and potential impact of their forms.”

This will be a must see exhibition.