Historic J Section Expansion


The Davis Cemetery District is pleased to announce that we have broken ground on a section expansion which will bring 72 new plots to our historic J section. Under direct supervision of the Grounds Foreman, Matt Ries, our grounds crew has been demolishing an old hearst turnaround pad to make way for the new plots in the highly desirable historic section of the cemetery. Dylan Weiss is managing backhoe operations while Daniel and Sawyer are the eyes and muscle on the ground as the concrete is pulled in sections and placed in concrete recycling containers. A big thank you to Recology for being so accommodating with our concrete disposal schedule.

The next step in this expansion project will be to back fill and grade the area which will be followed  re-configuring the existing irrigation system and seeding the plots.

Given the grounds crew excellent progress with this project, we anticipate having this new section ready for interments by the end of 2019 with sales beginning September 1, 2019.