Davis Cemetery District New Job Postings


The Davis Cemetery District is recruiting for a Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.

Located on Pole Line Road in east Davis, the Davis Cemetery District is a community tradition of historic natural beauty since 1855 to honor and remember loved ones. The District serves all faith and cultures and offers a wide range of options for memorialization. Designated as an arboretum in 2012, this 28-acre oasis offers green burials, standard and titan sealed liner burials, cremation plots, niche internments, and scattering gardens.

The Davis Cemetery District is an independent special district funded by city property taxes and the sale of interment rights, along with other miscellaneous fees.  It is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors.  Employees participate in CalPERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, for health and retirement benefits.

District Vision

·       To strengthen the cemetery as an inviting space for remembrance, contemplation, and healing.

·       To enhance the cemetery’s ability to memorialize the history of Davis, its people, and the original Central Valley landscape through art, architecture and design.

·       To maintain the Davis Cemetery District as a center of local history, celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of the people of Davis.

·       To create an attractive environment that will encourage people to come and enjoy art, nature, and civic history.

·       To enhance the existing ecological function of the cemetery as an open green space and a sanctuary for native plant and animal life.

·       To reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides while maintaining a healthy living landscape

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Davis Cemetery District to provide respectful and affordable interment services that meet the cultural, economic, religious and social needs of the community.

Positions to Be Filled

District Superintendent

The Board of Directors is looking for highly-motivated professional to assume the leadership role in this mission-focused organization.  The successful individual must possess the skills, sensitivity, and personal confidence to lead the Davis Cemetery District and its staff.  Many patrons of the cemetery are either anticipating or reacting to the loss of a loved one.

Job Description


In accordance with Board policy, the Superintendent is responsible for providing leadership of the Davis Cemetery District, including personnel matters, fiscal oversight, management of operations, Board and community relations, and strategic planning.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Hire District staff and perform all personnel related functions to include supervision, training, performance evaluations, and disciplinary actions.
  2. Review and recommend changes, if needed, to employee benefit packages and salaries.
  3. Manage day-to-day operations efficiently and ensure compliance with all rules and regulations of the California Health and Safety Code pertaining to public cemeteries.
  4. Ensure compliance with Board policies. Recommend changes when indicated.
  5. Communicate with the Board promptly regarding any current or potential violations of California law or Board policy.
  6. Seek out opportunities to streamline operations and incorporate technology into daily operations.
  7. Ensure prompt, accurate maintenance of all District records, including financial transactions, interment records, and all other records required by law or Board policy.
  8. Ensure that cemetery records are backed-up and maintained in a safe place.
  9. Ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and buildings.
  10. Ensure an up-to-date and proper inventory of all major equipment and supplies; ensure that the equipment is properly maintained.
  11. Provide fiscal oversight to District operating and capital programs, including the development and management of annual operating and capital budgets. Operating and capital budgets are to be presented to the Board annually for approval.
  12. Recommend a 5-year Capital Improvements Plan to the Board for approval.
  13. Ensure that bills are paid promptly and accurately.
  14. Maintain a positive and professional relationship with the Board of Directors, employees, vendors, and the public.
  15. Ensure the completion Board meeting packets, including an agenda, fiscal report, analysis of action items,statusof operations, and other information pertinent to Board oversight.
  16. Seek out innovative cemetery best-practices and incorporate them into daily operations. Use them to inform strategic planning efforts.
  17. Recommend designs and areas for internment expansions, changes to the pricing structure, and other ideas for innovation.
  18. Provide back-up to sales and assume other duties as needed.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required:

  •  College degree, preferably in business or related field
  • Excellent communicator and public relations skills
  • Experience managing staff and operations, and developing strategic plans
  • Knowledge of operating and capital budget planning and oversight

Salary range:  $70,000 to $80,000 annually


Assistant Superintendent

The Board of Directors is looking for a professional to work under the leadership of the Superintendent, perform management-level functions, and provide District leadership in the Superintendent’s absence. Skills at interacting with those experiencing a personal loss

is critical.


With minimal supervision, the Assistant Superintendent will manage customer services related to sales, advertising and marketing, community engagement/cultural events, arboretum planning, and daily financial actions.  In addition, this position will function as second in charge, and assist the Superintendent with management responsibilities as needed.  In the absence of the Superintendent, the incumbent provides leadership to staff and assumes the responsibility of the District’s daily operations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide customer assistance to the public and administrative assistance during internments
  2. Sell plots and arrange internments
  3. Maintain and update interment records and maps and ensure electronic back-up of all records
  4. Manage public relation activities to inform and educate the community about the District
  5. Market the cemetery and advertise its services
  6. Manage cultural events and history tours
  7. Develop plans to maintain and enhance thearboretum
  8. Maintain and update the District website
  9. Process deposits and claims, file sales tax returns, and prepare monthly financial reports
  10. Process and maintain payroll records and employee files
  11. Provide staff support to the Board of Directors
  12. Perform management duties assigned by the Superintendent and provide leadership in the Superintendent’s absence


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

College degree, preferably in business, communications, or a related field

Experience in customer relations, sales, or marketing

Excellent communicator

Strong interpersonal skills

Knowledge of or interest in plants and landscaping


Salary Range:  $50,000 to $60,000

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter electronically to: jobs@daviscemetery.org

Questions may be directed to Joan Planell, Interim Superintendent, at 240.623.6201.

Applications received by close of business on Friday, October 5 will receive preference.

A PDF version of the following description can be found Davis Cemetery District job Posting


History Tours

Enjoy a stroll through history one of our  Davis Cemetery District History Tours.

The historic cemetery district is offering guided history tours on our beautiful grounds.. We will share the stories of the pioneer families and individuals who have shaped our city into what it is today.   We will also discuss the meaning of and changes to gravestone symbols from Victorian times to the present.

Tours will take about an 1 hour. Wear comfortable shoes. Guided cart tours are available but will limited to three individuals.
Contact Kristi Dvorak at cemcod@dcn.org or call 530-756-7807 to schedule an appointment.

About the Davis Cemetery District


The Davis Cemetery District is an non-enterprise independent Special District governed by an appointed Board of Trustees who serve four-year terms. As a public agency, the District is not in the business to make a profit as a private company. The Board of Trustees meets at a noticed public meeting on the third Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm. The trustees have adopted comprehensive rules and regulations by which to operate the cemetery.  All board meetings are open to the public. The District is closely aligned with the community of Davis and surrounding areas and makes its facilities available to community service groups. The District strives to strengthen the Cemetery as a more invited and meaningful location for civic remembrance, contemplation, and healing by creating an attractive environment that encourages people to come and enjoy nature, art and civic history.

The Cemetery Board of Trustees

The District Vision

The Master Plan

Agendas and Documents:

History and Arboretum Documents: 


Cemetery Services


Davis Cemetery District is a community tradition of historic natural beauty since 1855. We are committed to providing excellent service and beautiful environments to honor and remember loved ones. We serve all faiths and cultures, and we offer a wide range of options for memorializations.

A cemetery is a sanctuary and a place for friends and family to mourn, remember, and celebrate. Whether you are planning for the future or need to make immediate arrangements, we are here to educate and assist you with care and compassion. The Davis Cemetery honors the past, serves the present, and enriches the future.

Pre-Need Program

We now allow prepayment of burial costs. This program allows you to pre-designate your burial choices, lock in burial costs, “pay down” your assets with an allowable expenditure, and give your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes have been followed. Please call 530-756-7807 or email us at cemetery@dcn.org for details.

Price List and Useful Links

In-Ground Casket Interment Options:

  • Green Burials
  • Fully Sealed Titan Vaults
  • Standard Liner Burials
  • Single or Double (Companion) Depth

In-Ground Cremation Interment Options: 

  • Single flush cremation plot (1 urn)
  • Double flush cremation plots (2 urns)
  • Casket plots (up to 4 urns) which can accommodate raised headstones

Above-Ground Cremation Interment Option:

  • Niche interments: A cremation niche is an above ground burial space, where a decedent’s urn, containing their cremated remains, is placed inside and sealed. Many people are choosing above ground burial in a cremation niche as it affords comfort in all seasons, especially in inclement weather. It includes a memorial plaque with eight lines of inscription not to exceed 20 characters. Please inquire about urn size limitations.

Scattering Garden:

  • Scattering garden: Loved ones remains are scattered amongst our beautiful botanical gardens located near and around our niche wall and Veterans Memorial fountain. Price includes an inscribed memorial brick.

Donation Tree or Benches

  • Plant-A-Tree: With a monetary donation a new tree will be planted at Davis Cemetery District and Arboretum in memory of your loved one. Staff will assist you with tree and site selection.
  • Bench Donation:  A memorial bench is a wonderful way to memorize your loved one while enhancing the grounds for visitors for many decades to come. The staff will assist and support with the location and placement of the bench.


The Davis Cemetery & Arboretum is always in need of continuous care and restoration. Donations are tax deductible our Tax ID# 472353081 Donations are always appreciated. Please make checks payable to Davis Cemetery District and mail to:

Davis Cemetery & Arboretum

820 Pole Line Road,

Davis, Ca 95618

For more information e-mail the Davis Cemetery & Arboretum or call (530) 756-7807.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to restoring the gardens or assist at the numerous cultural and educational events please email Kristi Dvorak at cemcod@dcn.org

Dia De Los Muertos at the Davis Cemetery District

The community is invited to the annual Dia de los Muertos Celebration from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27th, at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Road.

This celebration is one of the last Mesoamerican indigenous influenced rituals, honoring mother earth and all ancestors. This celebration is part of an effort to create a community, a sense of belonging, and global awareness of cultural richness in a multicultural society.

The festivities will include Danza by Kulpulli Tlayolotl, Mariachi Puente, and much more.

Traditional hot chocolate and pan dulce treat also will be provided. The event is free but donations are welcome and appreciated.

There will be a collective altar honoring all ancestors. This event is free and open to the public and everyone is welcome to contribute to the altar or create their own.

This year we are seeking sponsors if you are interested in sponsoring this event. Please, Kristi Dvorak at cemcod@dcn.org.

For more information or to display an altar on Oct. 27, contact event co-coordinator Melissa Moreno at mmmorenophd@gmail.com or Christi Postlethwaite cemoffmgr@dcn.org


Green Burial

Green Burial

WHAT IS A GREEN BURIAL? The intention of a green burial is to hasten the return of the body to the natural world and to integrate the remains within the cycles of nature. The body is not embalmed. Any wrap or container/casket is made of biodegradable material such as wood, wicker, or natural fiber.

WHAT IS THE GREEN BURIAL PROCESS? The body or container is lowered onto the earth at the bottom of the grave. Earth is then packed directly around and over the body or container instead of using a traditional cement vault or grave liner. The Davis Cemetery District places a vault lid on the packed dirt above the body and then puts more dirt on top of the lid in order in ensure that the grave site remains flat and stable for the weight of the memorial marker and of our mowers and other equipment.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE GREEN BURIAL OPTION? The Davis Cemetery District offers the green burial option for either single or companion interment. In the case of a companion green burial, the District will use a separate vault lid on the packed dirt above each body.

Embalmed bodies and/or those in non-biodegradable caskets, such as metal, are not eligible for the green burial option. Green burial is not an option for the second interment into a companion plot in which a companion vault is already in place.


For a full list of services go here


Ten things to do during your visit

Ten Things To Do During Your Visit…

*Inventory, photograph, paint or view our wildlife.

*Bring a sketchbook or a notebook and spend some quiet time on one of our benches. Let the beauty and the history inspire your creativity.

*Hike or jog the perimeter of the cemetery, enjoying the view from many perspectives. Climb our hill for a fresh look.

*Check out our historic swale, our perennial mounds, and our wildflower meadow (all located in the eastern half of the grounds).

*Check out our scent garden and our bulb and wildflower garden (both on the historic side of the cemetery). Enjoy our changing foliage. (Where else can you find a Nepal Camphor, native to the Himalayas, in Davis?)

*Soothe your soul listening to our Veteran Memorial Fountain.

*Take a meditative walk on one of our labyrinths.

*See the latest Gallery 1855 exhibit inside our iconic office building.

*Look at the lovely statues and historic stones. (Can you find the one that came all the way from China? Hint: it has wonderful dragons.)

*Discover Davis history (Can you find the headstone of the woman born in 1796?)

We have six markers over 12 feet tall, four that range from 8-12 feet, and some thirteen between 6-8 feet high; they include eight obelisk markers and four full figure statues.
28% of all city council members are buried here, as are 24% of all persons for whom UC Davis buildings are named.