Ten things to do during your visit

Ten Things To Do During Your Visit…

  1. Inventory, photograph, paint, or view our wildlife.
  2. Bring a sketchbook or a notebook and spend some quiet time on one of our benches. Let the beauty and the history inspire your creativity.
  3. Hike or jog the perimeter of the cemetery, enjoying the view from many perspectives. Climb our hill for a fresh look.
  4. Check out our historic swale, our perennial mounds, and our wildflower meadow (all located in the eastern half of the grounds).
  5. Check out our scent garden and our bulb and wildflower garden (both on the historic side of the cemetery). Enjoy our changing foliage. (Where else can you find a Nepal Camphor, native to the Himalayas, in Davis?)
  6. Soothe your soul by listening to our Veteran Memorial Fountain.
  7. Take a meditative walk on our labyrinth.
  8. Participate in our 10-stop scavenger hunt, designed to educate children regarding our history.
  9. Explore the lovely statues and historic stones. (Can you find the one that came all the way from China? Hint: it has wonderful dragons.)
  10. Discover local history through our self-guided history tour. More information about the tour, including a stop list and map, can be found here.   (Can you find the headstone of the woman born in 1796?)