Memorial Tree and Garden Program

Memorial Tree Program:

In 2012, the Davis Cemetery District became a level II accredited arboretum with the Morton Arboretum. A level II accreditation means the Davis Cemetery Arboretum contains over 100 trees and woody plant species as well as numerous gardens. The memorial tree and garden programs enable us to continue to keep the Davis Cemetery as a place of natural beauty and quiet reflection for the benefit of all our visitors. Individuals, families and organizations may participate through one of the following programs.

General Arboretum Donation: A tax deductible donation in any amount will help ensure regular care of Davis Cemetery Arboretum’s beautiful trees and gardens.

Memorial Tree Programs: The Memorial Tree Program provides two ways to honor the memory of deceased family members and friends while enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of the Davis Cemetery Arboretum for the enjoyment of the living.

  • Plant a Tree: For a donation of $1000, a new tree will be planted in Davis Cemetery District. The cemetery staff will assist you with site and species selection. Trees must be suitable for our climate and cemetery aesthetic. A 4”x 2” memorial plaque will be placed near the tree for the life of the tree.
  • Adopt a Tree: For a donation of $300, you may select an established tree from those within the common areas of the cemetery to be dedicated to the memory of the person you wish to honor. A memorial plaque will be placed on the tree for a period of three years and can later be renewed.

Garden Sponsorship: The grounds have been beautified with a collection of drought-resistant gardens. We have a collection of 150+ plant species of native and California adapted plants uniquely suited for Yolo County’s climate, soil and water. These drought resistant plants use minimal water, have few issues with pests or diseases, are a source of food for hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, and enhance the grounds with their beauty. For $150.00 donation you can sponsor the maintenance and creation of gardens.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible: Your gift will be tax deductible to the extent permitted by law, and you will receive a written acknowledgment of your donation from the Foundation. For further information regarding tax deductibility, you should contact your tax advisor.