Davis Cemetery District January Board Meeting Agenda

Davis Cemetery District Board Meeting


Date:               01-20-2016                            

Time:             4:00 PM         

Location: 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA


Call to order/introductions: Chairperson Stephen Souza, Vice Chairperson Larry Dean (Other Board members: Dennis Dingemans, Marilyn Mansfield, Bill Marshall)


Approval of agenda


Public comment:

Opportunity for members of the public to address the Davis Cemetery District Board on issues related to Davis Cemetery District business but which do not appear on the agenda. The Davis Cemetery District Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable time limit afforded to any one topic or to any individual speaker.




Approval of minutes: December 16, 2015


Consent calendar: None


Correspondence: None


Superintendent’s Report (verbal)


Community Outreach Update (verbal)


Old Business:


  • Office Manager Staffing Plan
  • Financial Statement Status


New Business: None


Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting: Chairperson


I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted on Friday, January 15, 2016 at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA 95618 by Ann McKay, Office Manager.