February Exhibition Ben Tuason “Davis Shopscapes”

Ben Tuason introduces his latest works “Davis Shopscapes” at Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA) throughout the month of February. A special artist reception will be held Sunday, February 14, 2015 from 1-4:00pm. This exhibition is a collection of well-studied photographs of the evolving cityscape of downtown Davis, California. Ben Tuason has received great recognition for his work including Best of Show, First Place, Architecture Category, and First Place, Black and White category in the 2013 City of Davis Photography Contest.

Having lived in larger metropolises the majority of his life, Ben became drawn to the unpretentious, small-town feel of the Davis downtown. His ongoing photography study reflects the landscape of the evolving city. “It’s changing fast, in just the four or so years that I has lived here, many establishments have gone and new ones have taken their place” Ben commented. This series will serve as documents of a past era and the incredible growth of the dynamic city.

The artist will be selling a presentation of a folio of 8.5” x11” prints of the exhibited work. The fine-art Giclée prints are on acid-free, fiber-based exhibition quality paper, individually custom-printed and signed by the photographer.


While studying architecture, Ben Tuason was heavily influenced by the works of traditional masters of the black-and-white street genre. Coming to America in the mid-80’s, he gave up architecture to write pioneering software for the then-emerging personal computer. Through these careers, photography was always with him—sometimes as leisure pursuit, sometimes as therapy, very often as passion.

The exacting discipline of software programming, together with traditional film photography and processing, helped shape his deliberate and methodical compositional approach while his architectural background fostered a keen appreciation for the built environment and urban-centric photograph.


Davis Cemetery District January Board Meeting Agenda

Davis Cemetery District Board Meeting


Date:               01-20-2016                            

Time:             4:00 PM         

Location: 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA


Call to order/introductions: Chairperson Stephen Souza, Vice Chairperson Larry Dean (Other Board members: Dennis Dingemans, Marilyn Mansfield, Bill Marshall)


Approval of agenda


Public comment:

Opportunity for members of the public to address the Davis Cemetery District Board on issues related to Davis Cemetery District business but which do not appear on the agenda. The Davis Cemetery District Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable time limit afforded to any one topic or to any individual speaker.




Approval of minutes: December 16, 2015


Consent calendar: None


Correspondence: None


Superintendent’s Report (verbal)


Community Outreach Update (verbal)


Old Business:


  • Office Manager Staffing Plan
  • Financial Statement Status


New Business: None


Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting: Chairperson


I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted on Friday, January 15, 2016 at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA 95618 by Ann McKay, Office Manager.

About Our Labyrinths

About Our Labyrinths

According to the Labyrinth Society of Edmonton, Canada,”A maze is designed to confuse you and challenge you to find your way to the exit or to the center and then back out again. It is designed to test your problem-solving skills, your memory, and your tolerance for frustration! A labyrinth is designed to give you a single path in and out (so there can be no confusion as to where to go). It is a confined, guided walk with many turns toward a center. It is designed to let you walk in a compact area while you let your mind relax and meditate.”

HISTORY: The oldest known examples of labyrinths go back approximately 3,000 years and are found from Ireland to Syria. Labyrinths have been constructed of almost every material imaginable over the years. Turf labyrinths in Europe are known to date back to at least the 1500’s.

While labyrinths have been used for everything from trapping evil spirits to simple games, there is a long history of their use as a form of spiritual contemplation, prayer, and penitence. Many famous cathedrals, from Chartres in northern France to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, have pavement labyrinths for use by religious practitioners.

The center of our northern turf labyrinth(near the cemetery office)most closely resembles the design of the classical labyrinth rather than that of the medieval labyrinth. The entrance and the “long path” sections are a more creative free form style.

Our southern labyrinth, located near the southwestern parking area, was recently designed by Eagle Scout Adam Borchard based on the Cretan style. This labyrinth is most easily identified by the bench at its center.

USE: To use our labyrinths, we suggest walking the path slowly and contemplatively, with eyes somewhat downcast and slow, even breathing. For the north labyrinth near the office, begin at the railings that lead up the wheelchair ramp. As you approach the driveway, cross it and continue on the “long path” section. When the “long path” brings you back to the driveway, cross back and continue into the central labyrinth area. When you reach the center, pause briefly, turn, and wind your way back out again.

The entrance to our southern labyrinth is just southeast of the swale area, near our southern parking lot.

For maximum benefit, allow 10 – 15 minutes to walk either labyrinth. As you slowly walk the path, you might try pondering the path as a metaphor for life, praying, meditating, being very aware in the present moment, or paying particular attention to each breath.

We invite you to enjoy our labyrinths and, if you wish, to share about your experience with us. Let your friends and neighbors know about these special spots.

December Board Meeting Agenda 12/23/2015

Davis Cemetery District Board Meeting Agenda


Davis Cemetery District Board Meeting

Closed Session

Public Employee Performance Evaluation

Govt. Code Section 54957(b)




Date:   12/23/15                               

Time: 4:00 PM          

Location: 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA


Call to order/introductions: Chairperson Stephen Souza, Vice Chairperson Larry Dean, (Other Board members: Dennis Dingemans, Marilyn Mansfield, and Bill Marshall)


Approval of agenda


New business:  Public Employee Evaluations



Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting: Chairperson



I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted on December 11, 2015 at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA 95618 by Joseph Cattarin, Superintendent.