Through the Lens of Teen: Da Vinci Charter School Exhibition

Gallery 1855 welcomes all to come see the magnificent photos taken by AP Photo Students at Da Vinci Charter Academy. “Through the Lens of a Teen” will be on exhibit throughout the month of January. A reception will be held Sunday, January 15th from 1-4:00pm. The show will feature multiple works from nine young photographers. The show will consist of both digital and silver gelatin prints and explore a variety of subject matters. All sales will go directly to the artists of the AP Da Vinci Art program.

The exhibit opens on January 2, reception Jan 15th and is open through rest of January. The gallery is located on 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, Ca. Come support the next generation of artists.


The Davis Cemetery & Arboretum is always in need of continuous care and restoration. Donations are tax deductible (Tax ID# 472353081) and always appreciated.  Please make checks payable to Davis Cemetery District and mail to:

Davis Cemetery & Arboretum

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For more information e-mail the Davis Cemetery & Arboretum or call (530) 756-7807.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to restoring the gardens or assist at the numerous cultural and educational events please email Jess Potts at

Celebration of Life Concert and Art Festival


New Harmony Jazz Band

The eighth annual Celebration of Life Concert and Art Festival will take place on Sunday, September 18th at Gallery 1855 in the Davis Cemetery District. This is a free event that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. There will be special music performances by New Harmony Jazz Band and a non-juried group art show.

Over thirty artist have contributed to this one of a kind group show. Works reflect the general theme of “Celebration of Life”. All are welcome to experience throughout the month of September. Visit the gallery Monday- Friday 9-3:00pm and enjoy the free concert and reception Sunday, September 18th from 1-4:00pm.

Kurt Fishback “Nature Mandalas” Artist Talk and Exhibition


Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “Nature Mandalas” by renowned photographer Kurt Fishback. The exhibition will run throughout the month of August. A special artist reception will be held Sunday, August 14th and will include a special talk by the artist from 1-1:30 pm.

From the Indian language Sanskrit meaning Sacred circle, Mandalas are gateways to our divinity, the God within us from the human perspective and inspired by energy inherent in the Earth and Nature.

A mandala can be used during meditation as an object for focusing attention. The symmetry of the designs tends to draw the attention towards their center, towards our center.

In each Mandala natural elements have been incorporated from photographs made while walking on the Earth. Some of the elements include; trees, stones, grass, sand, water, air, clouds and sky. Light is the most important element, indicative of the energetic life force in everything.

Visages of animal and other spirits emerge in the production of the mandalas as a result of the juxtaposition of the natural elements used. They speak of our connection to the Sky Nation and to the individual medicines of Grand-father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Thunder Beings, the Cloud People, all planets, galaxies, stars and solar systems.

These Mandalas were made as a part of my daily spiritual practice. Each mandala is available for individual interpretation and discovery of any
personal meaning specific to the individual viewer.
Kurt Edward Fishback, son of photographer Glen Fishback and name sake of photographer Edward Weston, grew up as part of the photographic community in Northern California during the 1940’s and 50’s. Mentors and friends of the family included Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, and Edward Weston. Despite his immersion in the world of photography, Fishback began his artistic career studying ceramic sculpture at Sacramento City College, the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of California, Davis in the 60’s. He first began to experiment with photography in 1962 as a way to document his experiences with other sculptors, but it was not until 1973, when his father invited him to teach at the Glen Fishback School of Photography, that photography became Fishback’s primary mode of expression. Since then he has gathered over 250 environmental portraits of artists in their studios or the space they chose.
Kurt continues to teach photography when he is not too busy maintaining his own artistic career. His first major, one-person exhibit was held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern art in 1982. Besides this Kurt has amassed an exhibition record of over 100 solo exhibitions and countless group exhibitions since 1961.

Adele Louise Shaw “Water: a fluent conversation” at Gallery 1855

Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA) presents the solo exhibition of painter Adele Louise Shaw “Water: a fluent conversation”. The exhibition will run from July 1-July 30th with a special artist reception July 10th, 1-4:00pm.

The water references within the Tao the Ching by Lao Tzu are a strong influence in Shaw’s work. She says: Deeply rooted in the natural world, the Tao speaks an international language of spirit. It is with this same spirit my conversations with water carry on.

These paintings are created with inks and acrylics on paper. Shaw’s signature style uses calligraphic brushwork to draw in rhythm and form; tache brushwork to convey a sense of movement and flickering light: and action painting methods of pouring and trowing paint to transform energy and movement into multiple layers of abstraction. The large compositions envelop the viewer.

This exhibition presents paintings which are stirring, emotional surroundings to be in conversation with. They invoke multiple ideas of passion and longing, force and fury, the dance and the ecstasy. They are a homage to the spiritual truth that water conveys. These paintings invoke our universal emotional and physical connection to water, and connect the viewer to the subject with an elegant, sensual grace spoken with paint.

Small encaustic paintings are also part of the exhibition. Shaw has been working with encaustic paint for 18 years. Her work with encaustic continues to push the boundaries of this ancient medium.

The exhibition will be open to the public July 2 – 29, 2016 M-F 9-3:00pm. The artist will be present for an open house Sunday, July 10th, 1-4pm.

Art Theater of Davis Performance “Neither Romeo Nor Juliet”

The Art Theater of Davis will stage a free performances on July  10th at 12:30pm. This 30-minute program titled “Neither Romeo Nor Juliet,” a collection of short monologues from the history of theater. The performances will coincide with the opening reception of Adele Louise Shaw.

Among the playwrights included in “Neither Romeo Nor Juliet” are Aeschylus, Kālidāsa, Plautus, Wilde, Ibsen, Chekhov and Edna Ferber. The cast will include local actors Shiloh Germano, Justin Mancini, Onyebuchi Okeke, Susan Pitcher, Matt Urban and Valerie Vandrey.

“For this show I wanted to celebrate the history of theater, collaborate with local galleries and give actors more autonomy,” said Timothy Nutter, artistic director of the Art Theater of Davis. “Each actor chose monologues from different eras and authors. The only rule I made was ‘No Shakespeare.’ This will be our most diverse program to date.”

The performance will be at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, July 10, at Gallery 1855 at the Davis Cemetery District office, 820 Pole Line Road in Davis. It will immediately precede the opening reception for “Water: A Fluent Conversation,” an exhibit of encaustic paintings by Adele Louise Shaw, curated by Kristin Dvorak.

Water references in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching are a strong influence on Shaw’s work. Her signature style uses calligraphic brushwork to draw in rhythm and form, tache brushwork to convey a sense of movement and flickering light, and action painting methods of pouring and trowing paint to transform energy and movement into multiple layers of abstraction.

For more information, visit, and

Dee Conway “The Continuum” Exhibition

Dee Conway “The Continuum” Exhibition

Exhibition Dates June 1, 2016-June 30, 2016

Artist Reception: June 12th 1-4:00pm

Gallery 1855 offers a special exhibition from artist Dee Conway.  This special exhibition draws from her many influences of nature, art, and the work of her late mentor Johanna Gillman.“The Continuum” will run from June 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016 with an opening reception Sunday, June 12th from 1-4:00 p.m.

Dee Conway is a graduate of the B.A. Brooks Institute of Photography. She is an award winning artist whose work has been featured in many prestigious publications and galleries.

“The Continuum” is a personal project that is inspired by Conway’s friendship with her late mentor Johanna Gillman. Johanna Gillman was a fabulous New York artist who spent the last three years of her life in California. Many of the images in the exhibit are a combination of Gillman’s artwork with Conway’s paintings and photography.. In other works she changed the color, tone, or position of Gillman’s work to create something new. Many of the works explore unconventional painting and printing techniques. It is through this project that they can continue their art relationship.

“The Continuum” will run through June 30, 2016 at 820 Pole Line Road, Davis, Ca. The artist’s will be present at the opening reception Sunday, June12th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Works will be for sale by the artist. Light refreshments will be served. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9– 4:00, and by appointment. For additional information

More information about the artist can be found at

Charlie Schneider “Still, in the End” at Gallery 1855

Davis born artist Charlie Schneider exhibition Still, In The End will be held at the Davis Cemetery District and it’s onsite gallery. This mixed media exhibition will involve sculpture, photography, installation and nature from April 30-May 30, 2016. The major themes of this exhibition relate to ideas of community and death and how our ideas of death inform the manner in which we choose to live our lives. The exhibition will run throughout the month of May and there will be a special free artist reception held April 30, 2016 from 1-4:00pm.
Charlie Schneider was born and raised in Davis, California and is now a Los Angeles-based, multi-disciplinary artist. His work integrates elements of ecological, scientific, social, collaborative, and public practices in a wide range of media, including ceramics, sculpture, installation, photography, drawing, and performance. The heart of his artistic practice centers on notions of impermanence and of human relationships to and within place. Schneider has shown work in galleries, outdoor public art exhibitions, and alternative spaces in Europe, Australia, Japan and the United States, and has permanent public installations in Davis, California and Marfa, Texas. Recent residencies include the Kala Institute in Berkeley, Eastside International in Los Angeles, and the Vermont Studio Center. His awards include the 2011 Damien Courtney Young Sculptor Prize at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, in Sydney, Australia, and various awards from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts.
As part of this exhibition the artist invites those who have lost partners or spouses and intend to be interned together at the Davis Cemetery to a special artist-designed event at the Davis Cemetery and Arboretum on April 30, 2016 at 10:30 am. The event is intended to be a gathering to discuss and share stories of both the good and the difficult of love, companionship, and loss, as part of a wider exhibition at Gallery 1855 at the Davis Cemetery. Modeled on Richard Long’s seminal piece, A Line Made by Walking (1967) the artist would walk back and forth to create a temporary line tangential to the circle. Visitors would be invited to also create their individual tangent lines, symbolic of their unique linear paths that are nevertheless part of the whole—just as a many tangent lines can create a circle. Please RSVP by April 25th if you wish to participate.

The cemetery grounds are open to the public from sunrise to sunset seven days a week. The onsite gallery is open Monday through Friday 9-3:00pm. For more information please visit

Anne Miller “Botanicals” at Gallery 1855


Gallery 1855 is pleased to present the abstract photography of artist Anne Miller. Anne’s vibrant, colorful rare prints will be exhibited throughout the month of April with a special artist reception April 10th from 1-4:00pm. Light refreshments will be served during the event. Anne has a unique ability to use her camera lens to abstract subjects from their familiar settings and to emphasize the shapes, textures, patterns and colors that interest her. By exploring only a portion or detail of an object taken out of its larger context, she can see it from a fresh perspective without preconceptions about a subject’s nature and the resulting image.

Her latest series of limited edition prints “Botanicals” captures the wealth of interesting surfaces and colors of nature. Anne’s work reflects the life and fascinating patterns the world. In “Botanicals” she combines the elements of water, reflective distortion, transparency and selective focus to bring out new mysterious interpretations. She brilliantly captures the earthy color palettes and vibrant hues only found in nature. Limited edition prints will be for sale by the artist. More information about the artist can be found at

Gallery 1855 is available for viewing Monday through Friday 9-3:00pm with opening reception held second Sunday 1-4:00pm.


Positive Reflections: From Combat to Community Group Exhibition

Positive Reflections: From Combat to Community Group Exhibition

Exhibition March 2, 2015-March 31, 2015

Opening Reception with Community Band and Poetry Reading March 13th 1-4:00pm

Group exhibition featuring Veterans from Yolo County.

Davis Cemetery District in partnership with Yolo Arts will host “Positive Reflections” a group art exhibition featuring art in all mediums from service members from all branches of the military. Positive Reflections explores the veteran experience and celebrates the transition of our service people from combat to civilian life. The exhibition will run from March 2-March 28, 2016 at the onsite cemetery gallery, Gallery 1855. A special reception will include a thrilling performance by the Yolo Community Band, posting of the colors and poetry reading. This art experience was funded by the Veterans Initiative in the Arts (VIA), a pilot grant program of the California Arts Council. A special thanks to Yolo County Veterans Services.

A Traveling Art Exhibit Inspired and 
Created by Veterans.


Gallery 1855 (at Davis Cemetery) • 820 Pole Line Rd, Davis


1:00-1:30PM  Poetry Reading by Dr. Andy Jones, Poet Laureate of Davis and UC Davis faculty member.  Andy will read a poem he wrote specifically for this project entitled
“In the Almond Orchard”
wdld comm band
1:30-2:15PM Musical performance
by the Yolo Community Band
led by Artistic Director, Bobby Rogers
Art Exhibit reception and refreshments
This event is FREE and open to the public.  Positive Reflections 
is funded by Veterans Initiative in the Arts (VIA), 
a pilot grant program of the California Arts Council
This art experience is brought to you by Yolo Arts