The Davis Cemetery welcomes veterans. Graveside services of any length with full military honors may be held here.

Plots in special veteran areas are made available for no cost on an “at need” basis to qualified veterans upon verification by the Veterans Service Office (120 W. Main St. Suite “A”, Woodland) ph.406-4850. Please note: veteran plots are “at need” only. There is no “reserving” of plots for future use.

Interment for the veteran’s spouse into the SAME plot is permitted.

Decedent family/friends are responsible for payment of opening/closing fees, purchase of vault for casket burials, fees for spouse’s interment, and setting fees for military markers.

Veteran markers are provided at no cost through the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. In veteran areas, only flush military markers no larger than 12″ X 24″ are permitted. Veteran cremation plots are restricted to a single military marker of granite on which spouse may also be listed.** Marker settings with 2″ concrete borders will be permitted on casket plots only. A second flush 12″ X 24″ marker for spouse is permitted on casket plots only. All fees associated with second marker must be paid by family and/or friends.

Veterans buried in areas other than veteran areas may have upright military markers.

**Veteran cremains shall be placed in the left half of the plot, spouse’s cremains in the right half, as marker is read.

Green Burial

Green Burial

WHAT IS A GREEN BURIAL? The intention of a green burial is to hasten the return of the body to the natural world and to integrate the remains within the cycles of nature. The body is not embalmed. Any wrap or container/casket is made of biodegradable material such as wood, wicker, or natural fiber.

WHAT IS THE GREEN BURIAL PROCESS? The body or container is lowered onto the earth at the bottom of the grave. Earth is then packed directly around and over the body or container instead of using a traditional cement vault or grave liner. The Davis Cemetery District places a vault lid on the packed dirt above the body and then puts more dirt on top of the lid in order in ensure that the grave site remains flat and stable for the weight of the memorial marker and of our mowers and other equipment.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE GREEN BURIAL OPTION? The Davis Cemetery District offers the green burial option for either single or companion interment. In the case of a companion green burial, the District will use a separate vault lid on the packed dirt above each body.

Embalmed bodies and/or those in non-biodegradable caskets, such as metal, are not eligible for the green burial option. Green burial is not an option for the second interment into a companion plot in which a companion vault is already in place.


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February Exhibition Ben Tuason “Davis Shopscapes”

Ben Tuason introduces his latest works “Davis Shopscapes” at Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA) throughout the month of February. A special artist reception will be held Sunday, February 14, 2015 from 1-4:00pm. This exhibition is a collection of well-studied photographs of the evolving cityscape of downtown Davis, California. Ben Tuason has received great recognition for his work including Best of Show, First Place, Architecture Category, and First Place, Black and White category in the 2013 City of Davis Photography Contest.

Having lived in larger metropolises the majority of his life, Ben became drawn to the unpretentious, small-town feel of the Davis downtown. His ongoing photography study reflects the landscape of the evolving city. “It’s changing fast, in just the four or so years that I has lived here, many establishments have gone and new ones have taken their place” Ben commented. This series will serve as documents of a past era and the incredible growth of the dynamic city.

The artist will be selling a presentation of a folio of 8.5” x11” prints of the exhibited work. The fine-art Giclée prints are on acid-free, fiber-based exhibition quality paper, individually custom-printed and signed by the photographer.


While studying architecture, Ben Tuason was heavily influenced by the works of traditional masters of the black-and-white street genre. Coming to America in the mid-80’s, he gave up architecture to write pioneering software for the then-emerging personal computer. Through these careers, photography was always with him—sometimes as leisure pursuit, sometimes as therapy, very often as passion.

The exacting discipline of software programming, together with traditional film photography and processing, helped shape his deliberate and methodical compositional approach while his architectural background fostered a keen appreciation for the built environment and urban-centric photograph.


Marker Height Surcharge


Effective January 1, 2014

Marker Mandatory Height
Height Base Width Surcharge  Endowment
Flush N/A $0 $0
6″ 14″ $190 $50
12″ 14″ $380 $100
18″ 14″ $570 $150
24″ 14″ $760 $200
30″ 14″ $950 $250
36″ 14″ $1,140 $300
42″ Pre-approval required by Superintendent $1,330 $350
48″ $1,520 $400
54″ $1,710 $450
60″ $1,900 $500
60″+ See Superintendent
Monument lengths:   Single plots 28″    Side-by-Side plots 36″
NOTE: Monuments higher than 48″ not allowed on companion crypt plots
We accept checks, money orders, VISA and MC.
Joseph Cattarin, Superintendent
Davis Cemetery District PH:  530-756-7807
820 Pole Line Rd. FAX: 530-756-7850
Davis CA 95618 cemetery@dcn,org

Davis Cemetery District January Board Meeting Agenda

Davis Cemetery District Board Meeting


Date:               01-20-2016                            

Time:             4:00 PM         

Location: 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA


Call to order/introductions: Chairperson Stephen Souza, Vice Chairperson Larry Dean (Other Board members: Dennis Dingemans, Marilyn Mansfield, Bill Marshall)


Approval of agenda


Public comment:

Opportunity for members of the public to address the Davis Cemetery District Board on issues related to Davis Cemetery District business but which do not appear on the agenda. The Davis Cemetery District Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable time limit afforded to any one topic or to any individual speaker.




Approval of minutes: December 16, 2015


Consent calendar: None


Correspondence: None


Superintendent’s Report (verbal)


Community Outreach Update (verbal)


Old Business:


  • Office Manager Staffing Plan
  • Financial Statement Status


New Business: None


Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting: Chairperson


I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted on Friday, January 15, 2016 at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA 95618 by Ann McKay, Office Manager.

January Exhibition: Water Colors and Pastels of Teresa Steinbach-Garcia

Teresa Steinbach-Garcia

Exhibition Dates: January 2, 2015-January 30, 2015

Opening Reception: January 10, 2015 1-4:00pm

A native Californian and a Design graduate of The University of California at Davis, Teresa Steinbach-Garcia works in a painterly realistic style to record her world be it landscape, still life or portrait. Inspired by artists as varied as Andrew Wyeth, Michael Reardon and Kim Lordier she combines her background in watercolor with a new interest in pastels to capture the nuance of light and place, and interpret impressions of the man made and nature-made worlds.

Recent exhibits and awards include The Crocker Art Auction 2013 and 2014, the Crocker Kingsley 2015, California Art Club-Beauty of the Seasons at the Pence Gallery 2015 and “Where the Wild Things Are”, 2nd Place and inclusion in the Live Auction.

She regularly teaches watercolor both beginning and studio at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center.
She is a member of the California Watercolor Association, Sacramento Fine Arts Center and W.A.S.H. as well as The Sacramento Chapter of the California Art Club, Pastel Society of the West Coast and American Women Artists.

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