Davis Cemetery District September Board Meeting

Davis Cemetery District Board Meeting

Date: 9/27/2017

Time: 4:00 PM

Location: 820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA


Call to order/introductions: Chairperson Larry Dean, Vice Chairperson Stephen Souza, Board members Dennis Dingemans , Marilyn Mansfield, Bill Marshall.

Approval of agenda.

Public comment: Opportunity for members of the public to address the Davis Cemetery District Board on issues related to Davis Cemetery District business but which do not appear on the agenda. The Davis Cemetery District Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable time limit afforded to any one topic or to any individual speaker.


Announcements: Joe Cattarin is on vacation.

Approval of minutes:  Approval of July 19, 2017 Monthly meeting.

Consent Calendar: None

Correspondence: Letter from Jennifer Anderson

Superintendent Report: Written

Community Outreach Report: Written and Verbal

Financial Report: Written and Verbal

Old Business:

  1. Policy and Procedure revision update, and possible sub-committee appointment.
  2. 360 Evaluation considerations for the District

New Business:

  1. Non-Profit Statue update.
  2. LAFCO Final Report 2017; Cemetery Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence

Closed Session: Superintendent Evaluation

Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting: Chairperson

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted on Friday, September 22, 2017 by 4:00 pm at the Davis Cemetery District, 820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA  Joe Cattarin, Superintendent

Sukhee Kwon Solo Exhibition and Reception

Gallery 1855 (located at 820 Pole Line Road) is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of artist Sukhee Kwon from September 8-September 30th. The special artist reception with light refreshmentss will be held September 10th from 1-4:00 pm.

Sukhee is known for her colorful abstract works painted on a variety of mediums such as fans. The vibrant florals and powerful brush work will capture the imagination of the audience.

Born in Korea in the 1950’s, Sukhee grew up playing among wild flowers and war remnants while dreaming of living in America as an artist. After a lifetime of turns and tribulations purusing her art, she now lives in America as an artist.

As a contribution to the artists of the world, she created an international Fine Arts Collaborative to promote artists, their works new attitude, new cliché “Artist Abundance!” and to educate parents of young children with dreams.

Gallery 1855 is a non-profit art gallery located at the historic cemetery district office. Visitors are welcome to view the art Monday-Friday from 9-3:00pm and on the Second Sunday of every month from 1-4:00pm.

More details on this show and a calendar of upcoming events can be found at www.daviscemetery.org

We Are Hiring: Seasonal Part-Time Arboretum Assistant

Part-Time Seasonal

Arboretum Grounds Assistant:

General: Under the supervision of the Community Outreach Director the individual will perform tasks involved in the continuous care and maintenance of cemetery arboretum as well as provide on-site assistance during public community events.  Work M-F and occasionally Saturday/Sundays.

Example of Duties:

  1. Perform landscaping work such as pruning, deadheading, controlling weeds, monitoring garden pests and diseases.
  2. Mowing, string-trimming, and edging as needed.
  3. Assist in the building and establishing of new gardens. This work will include planting new trees, perennial, and annual gardens.
  4. Assist in the setting up and clean-up of arboretum and community events. Duties will include setting up chairs, working with the public, providing onsite support.
  5. Ability to communicate in a professional manner with the community.


  1. Perform manual work.
  2. Able to lift fifty pounds (soil, plants, chairs)
  3. Self-motivated, good organizational and interpersonal skills, detail-oriented, ability to multitask, prioritize, and meet deadlines


Nicole Seisler “Places We Built” Opening Reception August 13th

Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA) is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of artist Nicole Seisler. The exhibition will run from August 12-August 31st and will have an opening reception August 13th from 1-4:00pm. Nicole Seisler is an interdisciplinary artist who creates sculpture, installation, and public art that investigate themes of time, ephemerality, and the overlapping roles of artist/viewer/participant/collaborator.
The Places We Built is a new layer of Nicole Seisler’s ongoing project, Hand Pressed Souvenirs, which integrates social practice, ceramics, and the use of walking as an art-making tool. The project uses clay as the conceptual and material conduit for forging tangible, intimate connections between people and the places in which they live, work, and travel. Nicole uses customized field kits to bring blocks of wet porcelain on walks throughout neighborhoods where participants use the malleable material to make impressions of architectural details that visually and culturally define a place. These Hand Pressed Souvenirs, much like clay tablets of the earliest societies, become records of particular moments in history. One side of each ceramic object shows sharp details of architecture and design while the other side retains the lines and marks of the hand that produced it. The space between people and place is literally embodied by the raw clay and, once fired, it is permanently solidified. The growing collection of Hand Pressed Souvenirs maps our global cities and spaces through personal connections, stories, and memories.
Nicole’s exhibition at Gallery 1855 is a new iteration of this archival mapping process. Using the porcelain souvenirs as molds, Nicole casts new compositions in handmade paper, thereby forming fresh connections amongst the seven year old collection of souvenirs. This body of work serves as memories of memories, an archive of an archive of our shared experiences of place.
Nicole received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has exhibited her work at international venues including the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Elmhurst Art Museum, Illinois; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee; Armory Arts Center, West Palm Beach; NEXT Art Fair, Chicago; Alto Galleria, Brussels; and Flash Atoyle in Izmir, Turkey. Reviews of Nicole’s work have been published in The New York Times, Hyperallergic, Ceramics Monthly, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, and the Palm Beach Arts Paper. Nicole has been awarded the City of Boston Public Art Grant, the Fort Point Arts Community Public Art Fund, and she received the Maria Scholarship for her residency with ACRE Projects. Nicole has taught ceramics part-time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Lake Forest College, and full-time at the University of Washington. She is currently the Lincoln Visiting Professor of Ceramics at Scripps College in Claremont, CA.

History, Show & Tell and Art Weekend August 12-13th

In honor of the City of Davis’s Centennial the Davis Cemetery District and Arboretum  (820 Pole Line Road) will host a special weekend of history, story telling and art. The weekend will start with its first ever Self-Guided History and Garden Walking tour.  On August 12-13th, guests can stroll the grounds at their own pace and take in the individual stories about the people, art and gardens that will be posted throughout the grounds. The posts will direct the viewer to the more historic and artistic highlights that we are sure they will find fascinating. The walking tour should take approximately an hour and two hours to complete but the tour was designed to encourage visitors to spend as much time as they would like exploring. Learn about the early pioneers and trailblazing individuals that have made the city of Davis the special place it is today.  If you would like to include a story about a family member on the tour please submit 1 or 2 paragraphs and send to the attention of Kristi Dvorak at cemcod@dcn.org by August 4th.

The weekend will also include an opportunity for story-tellers, budding memorial writers and more to gather at the first ever Show and Tell Event being held Saturday, August 12th at 11:00 am.  Hosted by professional memoir writer Emma Fulenwider. Participants are encouraged to bring items of special personal significance and come prepared to show their treasure and tell the story behind it.

The weekend will end with the opening reception for artist Nicole Seiser on Sunday, August 13th from 1-4:00pm at our onsite gallery. Her work is about capturing memories and artifacts in clay material create a story for the audience to interpret.  The Davis Cemetery District is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Please feel to visit our website for a complete listing of activities or to schedule a hosted tour (up to 10 people) or hosted golf cart tour (limit 3 people) at www.daviscemetery.org. 








Davis Cemetery District July Board Meeting Agenda

Davis Cemetery District Special Board Meeting



Date:                           07/19/2017                             

Time:                         4:00 PM         

Location:       820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA


Call to order/introductions: Chairperson Larry Dean, Vice Chairperson Stephen Souza, Secretary Dennis Dingemans Board members: Marilyn Mansfield, Bill Marshall.


Approval of agenda


Public comment:

Opportunity for members of the public to address the Davis Cemetery District Board on issues related to Davis Cemetery District business but which do not appear on the agenda. The Davis Cemetery District Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable time limit afforded to any one topic or to any individual speaker.





Approval of minutes: Approval of June 21, 2017 Monthly meeting

Approval of June 27, 2017 Special Meeting

Consent calendar: None


Correspondence: None


Superintendent’s Report: Written and verbal


Community Outreach Report: Written and verbal


Financial Report: Written and verbal


Old Business:  Final wording on Build-Out Policy


New Business:    None


Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting: Chairperson


Closed Session: Superintendent Evaluation                        


I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing agenda was posted on Friday, July 14, 2017 by 4pm at the Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Rd., Davis, CA 95618 by Joe Cattarin, Superintendent.



Davis Waldorf School Art Exhibition and Concert

Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce a special exhibition featuring the talented students of the Davis Waldorf School This exhibition will feature work from Davis Waldorf students 1-8 entitled “Connecting with the Natural World Through the Eyes of A Child”.  The exhibition will run from July 1-July 30th and the opening reception will be held Sunday, July 9th from 1-4:00pm. The opening will include a free performance from the Davis Waldorf Fiddlers.
A deep appreciation for nature is expressed in this art exhibit which shows that every child is an artist everyone has their own unique connections to nature. The display ranges from second grade to eight grade, using chalk drawings, beeswax crayon art, charcoal drawings, and watercolor paintings. As you peruse the artwork, enjoy the individual details each child adds to their work. The display includes the work of the seventh graders who have studies briefly about social justice and the human rights movements, which they will explore in depth in eighth grade. They each chose a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream speech to enhance their paintings of the red hills of Georgia.

Gallery 1855 is a premiere non-profit art gallery featuring contemporary art. It is located at the Davis Cemetery District office.

Gallery 1855 June Exhibition: Hand of Man by F/8 Photography Group

Gallery 1855, 820 Pole Line Road, announces the F/8 photography group art exhibition featuring local artists Anne Miller, Dave L. Robertson, Richard Haliburton, Dennis McCoy, Joseph Finkleman, Tim Messick, Rob Floerke and Michael Radin.

The collection, centering on the theme “Hand of Man,” will run throughout June. The show features each artists’ interpretation of the theme. Davis artist Tim Messick photographed man-made things that have been altered somewhat by time and the elements. Photographer Anne Miller’s work started with a man-made surface and the work ultimately becomes something else in her treatment of the subject. While nature enthusiast Robert Floerke’s images explore the past and mystery of the “Ancient Ones’ or Anasazi.

A free artists reception will be held Sunday, June 11th, from 1 to 4 p.m. The show is inspired by the 1930s’ famous group of photographers that lived in and around San Francisco that called themselves the F/64 club. It wasn’t that they actually used this very small f/stop but rather it was the idea of infinite depth of field that intrigued them. Before, for decades, photography had many adherents to a romantic soft-focus or selective-focus style. Using a small aperture meant that there wasn’t a specific obvious plane of focus, thus the viewer could make their own choice on what was important to them about the image and not be told by the photographer where to look.
It is in this spirit that this group of largely Yolo County photographers have come together to critique each other’s work. The eight artists all have different interests and visions, but one common passion is to perfect and develop their specific talents.
All ages are welcome and encouraged to visit the gallery, located on the grounds of the Davis Cemetery. For more information, visit https://davisgallery1855.wordpress.com.