Anne Miller “Botanicals” at Gallery 1855


Gallery 1855 is pleased to present the abstract photography of artist Anne Miller. Anne’s vibrant, colorful rare prints will be exhibited throughout the month of April with a special artist reception April 10th from 1-4:00pm. Light refreshments will be served during the event. Anne has a unique ability to use her camera lens to abstract subjects from their familiar settings and to emphasize the shapes, textures, patterns and colors that interest her. By exploring only a portion or detail of an object taken out of its larger context, she can see it from a fresh perspective without preconceptions about a subject’s nature and the resulting image.

Her latest series of limited edition prints “Botanicals” captures the wealth of interesting surfaces and colors of nature. Anne’s work reflects the life and fascinating patterns the world. In “Botanicals” she combines the elements of water, reflective distortion, transparency and selective focus to bring out new mysterious interpretations. She brilliantly captures the earthy color palettes and vibrant hues only found in nature. Limited edition prints will be for sale by the artist. More information about the artist can be found at

Gallery 1855 is available for viewing Monday through Friday 9-3:00pm with opening reception held second Sunday 1-4:00pm.